A Sneak Peek into Website Design and Development Basics that could promise Business Productivity like Never Before!!

Running a business is a responsibility of immense importance that requires great sense of accountability, authority and leadership. Irrespective of the nature and size of business, living in a world of web, proper marketing and promotion has become a mandatory need for today to fight through escalating competition and declining demands.

Nowadays, online presence is very mandatory to increase business productivity and achieve higher sales. In the world of digital technology, an interactive website for your business can go a long way in spreading your message and bringing in attention of customers towards your products and services. If you are looking for professional web designing services for maintaining a business website, herein we make an attempt to help you understand the process well before you could look for hiring in professional services helping you create a well-crafted business website. For more information about the same consider visiting softwaredevelopment.com/web-design/.

Breaking down the Development and Design Process

Web Designing is a comprehensive task that goes beyond controlling the design elements and appearance of your website. Rather it involves hosting; management up to maintenance making sure it stays updated and is compliant with latest search engine dynamics preventing obsoleteness and inefficiency.


Though the process can vary depending upon the strategy followed by the web designer, as per general guideline the basic steps are more or less similar.

Phase One: Information Retrieval

This is the most elementary yet crucial step that involves gathering in information much before the actual website creation can go on floors. The information required centres around analysing your business goals, mission, needs and strategies.

  • The Purpose: This signifies the intended nature behind getting a website hosted on web. Whether it is promotional, informative or for some other purpose?
  • Business Goals: What does the client expects after the website gets hosted. Generally, it involves making profits or information display.
  • The Target Audience: This refers to whether the goals are centred on certain group of people who will help in accomplishing the desired task. Analysing parameters like age, gender, interest will be able to help in better designing of website.
  • Content: Being the king of website, content involves the information that is out up on the website about product, services etc.

Phase Two: Planning and Designing

After the information is gathered, designing begins following a particular development approach as found appropriate by the designer. This could involve creating prototypes, seeking client’s views and elementary module designing prior to actual development.

Phase Three: Website Development

This is where actual creation begins. From creating home page to moving on to interiors, it is in this phase where functionalities shall be met.

Phase Four: Testing

To allow the website stay optimised and competent, various testing principles are followed to make it robust and sturdy in the face of technical glitches.