New series of Super Mario for android phones

Mario journey has started since many years back still it has the same value with full pack performance of new series called Super Mario run. The Mario family has many games under the lists so the fans of Mario are eagerly waiting for the next release. The main advantage of Mario games are making the players to sit and play more levels. The concept and technology used in the Mario games are awesome.

What is new?

You might have played many Mario games but now the new series is tempting you to know what actually it is and how to be played. This is the game of saving the princess, gathering the toads and building the mushroom kingdom. Yes the Mario is the hero as usual and he has to rescue the princess from the story villain bowser. The hero has to impress the toads and conduct the toad rally. Along with toads, coins and power the player has to build the kingdom. He has to tackle the hard situations by using the strategy. As this series is specially designed for the player that he can use the one finger. It is like side scrolling automatic runner Super Mario game.

These games are going to release for android users so if you are looking for this game wait for few days. Till them learn the tricks and strategies to play the game. Winning is depending on the interest of the player so be cool when you play. There is no much rules and regulations have to be followed you can play with free mind. Download the Super Mario Run apk from reputed sites online that gives you comfort to play. Before you choose the site assure that you are at right place. Enjoy the fun as much as possible and have the happy Mario journey.